In the beginning...

Team History

The Bad Company Racing team started in 2000 in the Stock Eliminator (11 sec.)  class but quickly moved to the Modified Eliminator (10 sec.) class.

In 2002, Bad Company moved to the Top Eliminator (9 sec.) class and Marcus Kinsey was named IHBA Top Eliminator World Champion Runner-Up.

In 2003, Bad Company was named IHBA Top Eliminator World Champion and Marcus Kinsey was named IHBA Sportsman Driver of the Year.

In 2005, Bad Company made the leap to the Blown Gas Flat Class.  Bad Company was named the 2005 SDBA Blown Gas Flat High Points Champion and Marcus Kinsey became the inaugural recipient of the David Skalicky Memorial Award.

In 2006, Bad Company moved from an open boat to a capsule flatbottom and entered the Top Alcohol Flat Class.  

Since then, Bad Company has been named SDBA Top Alcohol Flat High Point Runner-Up 4 times, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2017.

In 2013, Bad Company Racing expanded to include B-N Bad 099 PWC.  The family tradition continues with Dylan Crownover (son of Marcus Kinsey) began his racing career driving a PWC. He was awarded the Bill "Grumpy" Gaugh Memorial Award, and was the High Points Runner up.  Dylan won his first High Points Championship in 2016.

In 2017, Dylan moved into a boat.  He began racing Bad Company Too - which is the same boat Marcus started his racing career in.  Dylan made an impressive debut and was awarded the David Skalicky Memorial Award (Flatbottom Boat Driver of the Year).  He was also a finalist for the E.T. Boat of the Year award.

In 2018, Bad Company Racing expands again to include Angelee Shaw driving B-N bad 004 PWC.  We are excited to watch this young lady begin her racing career with us.