2018 race updates

Race 1: DUEL ON THE BRAZOS - WACO, TX (May 11-13, 2018)

May 11-13, 2018:  The Southern Drag  Boat Association opened their 2018 race season in Waco, TX.  The Bad Company Racing Team entered the event eager to go racing.  Mother Nature had other ideas.  Wind blew too hard on Friday causing Test and Tune to be cancelled.  The winds died down enough on Saturday for qualifying.

BAD COMPANY 079 TAF:  Clutch issues plagued Bad Company 079 TAF all weekend.  The team is busy working those issues out and is looking forward to the Showdown in San Angelo, TX on June 23-24, 2018.

BAD COMPANY TOO 099 ME:  The SDBA has decided to shorten the track for all classes to match the pro boats 1000 ft. course.  The modified eliminator class's index went from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.  Because test and tune was cancelled, the team had to just hope the tune was right for the 8 second index.  Dylan ended up breaking out (going too fast) all weekend.  He qualified 15th with a 7.935 e.t.  Dylan broke out again in the 1st round of eliminations on Sunday with a 7.892.

B-N BAD 004 PWC:  Angelee Shaw made an impressive debut on B-N Bad 004 PWC.  She advanced to the Semi-Finals in her very first race EVER!   Many seasoned racers helped her through her first race jitters and showed amazing sportsmanship.  We are very proud of Angelee and are looking for great things to come!


RACE 2: SHOWDOWN IN SAN ANGELO (June 23-24, 2018)

JUNE 23-24, 2018:  The Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series and the SDBA came together for a co-point event in San Angelo, TX.  The Bad Company Racing Team traveled to this race looking to continue the progress that was made in Waco, TX.

BAD COMPANY 079 TAF:  The team made the necessary repairs to the clutch with help from members of the SHAZAM 339 TAF team on Friday.  On Saturday, the show started extra early due to concerns about windy conditions later in the day.  Mother Nature decided to cooperate and give everyone 3 rounds of qualifying.  Marcus was able to drive the boat successfully though the course in all three rounds.  He gained lots of confidence and the team gained lots of useful data. 

On Sunday, Bad Company 079 TAF was paired with Shazam for round 1 of eliminations.  Shazam took the win as Marcus drew the red light at the start, but it was also another successful run through the course for Bad Company.

BAD COMPANY TOO 099 ME:  The HOT weather in San Angelo made it difficult to tune the motor, but by the 3rd round of qualifying Dylan was able to clock a time of 8.16 seconds on an 8.00 index.  On Sunday, Dylan advanced to round 2 with an 8.07 e.t.  Bad Company Too took the loss in round 2.

B-N BAD 004 PWC:  Angelee Shaw continued to impress many on B-N Bad 004 PWC.  She advanced to the 2nd round!   She is learning from every pass she makes through the course and it won't be long before we see her take her first victory.



JULY 7-8, 2018:  The Bad Company Racing Team travelled to Oklahoma for their third race of the season.  After the successful race in San Angelo, the team hoped to continue making progress.

BAD COMPANY 079 TAF:  Marcus continued to show more confidence in the driver's seat making three good looking runs through the course.  In round 1 of qualifying, Marcus stopped the clocks in 5.99 seconds.  In round 2 his time improved to a 5.88 second run.

On Sunday, Marcus was paired with Tony Scarlata.  Tony (driver of Shazam) took the win while setting a new ET and MPH record!  He stopped the clocks in 5.000 seconds at 173.491 mph.  Marcus drove Bad Company through the course in 5.893 seconds.  CONGRATULATIONS TONY SCARLATA AND TEAM SHAZAM!

BAD COMPANY TOO 099 ME:  In round 1 & 2 of qualifying Dylan ran too quick with a 7.79 and 7.95 on an 8 second index.  In round 3, Dylan grabbed the #1 qualifying spot with an awesome 8.015 second run!

On Sunday, Dylan earned a Bye run in round 1 due to an odd number of boats in his class and advanced to round 2.  In round 2, he continued his winning streak as his opponent had a red light start.  Dylan stopped the clocks in 7.97 seconds which is a breakout but he took win and advanced to round 3!  Round 3 paired Dylan with Kyle Fawks (driver of Booger Red).  Both drivers stopped the clocks on breakout runs with Dylan taking the win over Kyle with a 7.982 second run!  Kyle had a larger breakout with a 7.971 second run.  In round 4, Dylan earned another BYE run advancing him to the FINALS!  On the bye run, the engine developed an issue, but due to Dylan's quick thinking during the run, the team was able to get the boat ready for the finals.  Dylan lost in the final round bringing home the RUNNER-UP trophy!!

B-N BAD 004 PWC:  The SDBA hosted a PWC SHOOTOUT at this race in addition to the regular racing action.  There was also a separate jackpot for just the PWC racers.  Angelee continued to gain experience as she entered the shootout.  She WON round 1 of the shootout!

Angelee lost in round 1 of regular racing eliminations on Sunday.  She continues to learn and impress many with every pass.


RACE #4: WHEATLAND, MO (AUG 31-SEPT 2, 2018)

AUG 31-SEPT 2, 2018:  The Bad Company Racing Team made the long trek to Wheatland, MO for the 4th race of their season.  The team's hard work is starting to pay off.  When the team pulled into the pits on Thursday, it looked like Mother Nature wasn't going to cooperate as the rains fell, but the skies cleared in time for racing on Friday.

BAD COMPANY 079 TAF: QUALIFYING:  After making a pass in Bad Company Too for Dylan (who hadn't arrived yet) Marcus drove Bad Company 079 TAF beautifully through the race course in 6.24 seconds. 

The team made some changes for the next round of qualifying. The next time through the course, Marcus stopped the clocks in 5.97 seconds.

ELIMINATIONS:  Bad Company 079 TAF was paired with War Party.  Marcus had an awesome reaction time beating Bill Diez off the starting line.  He once again flew the boat beautifully crossing the finish line in 5.97 seconds.  

Bill Diez passed Marcus at the finish line and took the win and advanced to round 2.  War Party continued on to take the event win.  CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WAR PARTY TEAM!

This weekend was very successful for Bad Company 079 TAF and Marcus.  He gained some much needed confidence, and the team is looking forward to good things in Paris, TX.

BAD COMPANY TOO 099 ME:   Dylan started college the Monday before this race and drove to Wheatland after his last class on Friday, so Marcus qualified Bad Company Too 099 ME for him in round 1.  Marcus made an awesome pass in the little blue boat crossing the finish line in 8.012 seconds!

Dylan arrived at the track late Friday night and ran 2 qualifying rounds on Saturday, 7.95 (breakout) and an 8.11.

ELIMINATIONS:  ROUND 1:  Dylan took the WIN with an 8.33 second run.  ROUND 2:  Dylan drove Bad Company Too a little too fast with 7.89 e.t. and took the loss.

B-N BAD 004 PWC:  The PWC class had 16 drivers entered for this race.  Angelee continued to hone her skills at the lights as she won round 1 of eliminations.  In round 2, B-N BAD was unable to advance in a a close race, but Angelee improves every pass.  It's only a matter of time and she will get her first victory.

We are very proud of this young lady!

The SDBA season finale is September 14-16, 2018 in Paris, TX, Look for the Bad Company Racing Team to continue their successes.